Grand Oaks HDTOfficials/Volunteers 
Show Organizer: Kacy Tipton-Fashik, 3000 Marion County Road, Weirsdale, FL 32195; W: 352-750-5500352-750-5500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 352-750-5500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting x 229; C: 352-409-1398352-409-1398 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting FREE 352-409-1398 end_of_the_skype_highlighting; Fax: 352-753-3105; e-mail:  (mail entries to show organizer)

President of the Jury / Judge:
Mike McLennan (TX): ADS/USEF-CDJ:(R)
Judge:  Tracey Morgan (MD): ADS-CDJ:(R)

Technical Delegate: Ellen Ettenger: ADS CDTD: (R)

Course Designer: John Porter (ADS-CDJ(L), ADS-CDTD(L), FEI - Steward)

Show Manager:  Erika Matulich: ADS CDTD

Veterinarian:  Dr. Marsha Pidherney, DVM  352-303-6296

EMT:  Lake County EMS / SOS.


The following Volunteer positions need to be filled:

Please email Erika at to volunteer. THANK YOU!

Note: volunteers noted in bold are full-day permanent volunteers.




Friday, December 7  (competition begins 2:00 p.m., briefing is at 1:30 p.m.) 

  • Safety Check/Wheel Measurement  David Getz
  • Dressage Scribe Ring A: Linda Evans
  • Dressage Scribe Ring B: Suzy Dixon
  • Dressage Steward/Gate: Judy Martin
  • Cones Steward/Gate: Ruben Jowers
  • Cones Setters:  Paul Reese, Barbara Brooke-Reese, Ron Barnett
  • Cones Scribe: Lyn Brooks

Saturday, December 8  (AM competition begins 9:30 a.m., briefing is at 8:45 a.m.  PM competition begins 1:30 p.m., briefing is at 12:45 p.m. )

  • Safety Check/Wheel Measurement AM: Sharon Young, Joe Delfino
  • Safety Check/Wheel Measurement PM: Fiona Lindsay-Delfino, Joe Delfino
  • Dressage Scribe Ring AKatie Carris
  • Dressage Scribe Ring BStephanie Van Den Hurk
  • Dressage A: Steward/Gate AM: Janey Randlett
  • Dressage A: Steward/Gate PM: Janet Tisch
  • Dressage B: Steward/Gate AM: Susan Guinan
  • Dressage B: Steward/Gate PM: Francine Arrington
  • Dressage Warmup AM: Linda Evans
  • Dressage Warmup PM: _____
  • Cones Steward/Gate AM: Janet Tisch
  • Cones Steward/Gate PM: Vicky Ezell
  • Cones Backup Timer AM: Howie Crothers
  • Cones Backup Timer PM: Kathy Kidd
  • Cones Setters AM:  Kurt Gruschwitz, Kendall Jones, Faith Murphy, Mike Hernandez
  • Cones Setters PM:  Mario Gatto, SuZi, Faith Murphy
  • Cones Scribe AM: Ken Zawistowski
  • Cones Scribe PM: Debra Spark
  • Score Running AM:  Darryl Billing
  • Score Running PM:  Kathy Russell


Sunday, December 9 (AM Marathon starts at 9 a.m. briefing at 8:00 / PM Marathon starts at 1:00, briefing is at 12:00 p.m.)

  • Safety Check  Ed Greenburg
  • Section E Start Timers AM:  Jeanne Abbott, Janet Tisch
  • Section E Start Timers PM:  Janet Tisch, Marybeth Miklos
  • Section E End Timers AM:  Dave Bennett, Suzy Dixon
  • Section E End Timers PM:  Dave Bennett, Suzy Dixon
  • Vet Box Timer: Sharon Buffington
  • Vet Box Assistants:  Sarah Timberlake, Shelley Oates, Patsy Foxworth, Donna Foxworth 
  • Score Runners (Must bring own ATV or golf cart) AM  Francine Arrington, Jan Jan Hamilton
  • Score Runners (Must bring own ATV or golf cart) PM  Nifty Hamilton, Francine Arrington


  • Sunday Obstacles:
  • Each obstacle requires a hazard observer, hazard scribe, timer, backup timer, and holdup timer
Morning Obstacles Afternoon Obstacles
(Starts at 9 a.m. briefing at 8:00) (Starts at 1:00 p.m. briefing at 12:00)
Obstacle 1: Gandalf's Bridge Obstacle 1: Gandalf's Bridge
Nancy Ziegler, Judy Fryer, Philip Needs, Cheryl Cearley Judi Tintera, Chuck Tintera, Muffy Seaton, ____,____
Obstacle 2: Stonehenge Obstacle 2: Stonehenge
Bettina Scherer, Sali Petri, John Cox, Linda Fritschle,____ Sandy Swift, Tom Childress, Jack Martin, ____,____
Obstacle 3: Hobbit House Obstacle 3: Hobbit House
Raymond Papp, Patricia Papp, Janice (Keathley), Olof Larssen,____ Raymond Papp, Patricia Papp, Anna Shaw, Jerome Stokes,____
Obstacle 4: Three Grand Oaks Obstacle 4: Three Grand Oaks
Howie Crothers, Anna Crothers, Susan Diemer, Janelle Marshall, ____ Rob Althof, Lori Althof, Gerry Auermann, James Fitzpatrick,____, ____
Obstacle 5: Emporer's Garden Obstacle 5: Emporer's Garden
Rob Althof, Lori Althof, Rick Hartnett, Bob Koopman , ____ Eloise Nelson, Debra Bohnsack, Mario Gatto, ____
Obstacle 6: Elven Orchard (Prelim only) Obstacle 6: Elven Orchard (Prelim only)
Margaret Adams, Jill Ovens, Elinor Weith, Marybeth Miklos____ Deb Bennett, Laura Howell, Mary Cunningham,____, ____